Kids Zone

In recent months, the national media has focused on the negative, even violent, behavior of players, coaches and parents involved in youth sports. In a proactive effort to counteract this trend of violence, AYSO is initiating a program called Kids Zone.

As part of AYSO's education agenda, Kids Zone is a dynamic program targeted to eliminate negative sideline behavior. It is aimed toward producing a thoroughly positive impact on everyone involved in youth soccer. To execute this program, three basic elements are involved:

  1. The Badge. This is a pin-on button bearing the program's logo. This will be worn by program supporters at games, and will serve as a reminder of the importance of positive sideline behavior.
  2. The Sign. A large sideline, which lists positive behavior standards, will be posted at the entrance of participating fields. Parents and spectators who will abide by these standards are welcome -- all others are not.
  3. The Pledge. We will request AYSO parents to sign a pledge that holds them to the Kids Zone standards.

In order to make this program work, we need your help!

Kids Zone is sure to be a big part of the AYSO scene. AYSO Regions by the bunch are signing up for Kids Zone. The regional volunteers will roll out the program in the fall. Thousands of buttons and signs are being shipped to communities across the country. From New York to Oregon, from Texas to Michigan---and lots of places in between, Kids Zone will be there. You may read about it in your local newspaper or hear it discussed on your favorite radio talk show. Kids Zone is big news. You may even have experienced Kids Zone at tournaments this summer.

We believe in this program so much, Kids Zone was even adopted as the official theme of AYSO for the 2001/2002 season.

Just to keep you posted on the latest and greatest news about the program, Soccer Now will feature a Kids Zone article in each of the next few issues to keep you updated.

If your region isn't in "the Zone," talk to your coach and find out why.

If it is, wear your Kids Zone button proudly and spread the word.