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"..leadership is the ability to get other people to get the best out of themselves and the way to do it is to get them to join you, not follow you"  Marv Levy


The coaches shirts have finally arrived and will be available for those who did not receive one at Shepard Middle School on Sunday Sep 12  while pictures are being taken.


10 Things Kids Say They Don't Want Their Parents to Do

"Concerns About Heading Set Off Spirited Debate" November 25, 2001 - NY Times

We have many video tapes and books at the Deerfield Public Library you can check out on soccer, coaching, drills, practices and more.

Want Some free coaching manuals? try this link to World of Soccer 


 Let The Kids Play
by: Bobby Howe

Surveys of young players over the last few years have shown that the primary reason for players under 12 dropping out of soccer is that they were not having fun. The secondary reason is that they did not like their coaches.

Both reasons would indicate that those players were not exposed to appropriate playing environments for their age/or ability levels. Too much at too young an age would cause players to become disenchanted with the sport. Too little activity in practice sessions (drills) and games (too many players on the field) would cause players to become bored.

As coaches and administrators of our sport, we must create the environment for players to learn the game at their own pace without the pressure of impossible decision-making or the stress created by parental (adult) influence. We must allow kids to be kids and allow the game to provide their enjoyment.

Click "Let The Kids Play"   to read the full text.

I have also added a new "Links" page, accessible from the table at the left, which has some popular sites for useful information


Please note: Any and all pictures shown on this site are "clip art" and NOT of any local player or volunteer.




Summer Safety: Heat Issues

Unlike seasons past, it seems this year we have seen a large number of heat related injuries and worse. Kids can be more susceptible to problems BUT with a little help and their own natural instincts, they should be fine. Please read below for heat related symptoms and responses but most of all for preventive measures.


Preventive Measures

First, proper hydration is essential. Ideally, we should be getting our kids to start drinking water 2-3 hours BEFORE practices and games. Yeah, right. However, anything you can do to get as much water down as possible will help. They MUST bring enough water to practices and games to keep refreshed and hydrated as needed.

Coaches, here's an idea:  I have always brought 2 water bottles for myself to each practice and game. Then I would wait before using any to make sure that each player had his own and enough first.

Frequent breaks, such as every 15 minutes, for water is essential.

DO NOT PUSH!! Kids (and their bodies) know when they are hot and/or tired. They may want to rest (let them) or they may just slow down. Either way, understand and recognize it.

COOL TIP: Gatorade (or like) Ice Cubes for breaks!

Lastly and most importantly, read, learn and understand the following conditions, symptoms and responses:

Heat Cramps 

When a body loses too much water and salt through sweat, muscles tend to cramp (particularly in the abdomen and legs). Players suffering from these painful "heat cramps" should;

bullet   Rest in shade;
bullet   Sip one glass of cool water every 15 minutes until pain relents;
bullet    Massaging the affected muscles and applying cool wet cloths will also help.

Heat Exhaustion

Players with cool, moist or flushed skin, heavy sweating, headache, nausea, dizziness or muscle cramps may be experiencing heat exhaustion. This condition occurs when because of high humidity or restrictive clothing, sweat is not properly evaporated and the body cannot cool down;

bullet   Have player lie down in shade and elevate his/her feet;
bullet   Remove shoes, shin guards and socks,
bullet   Apply cold packs to the armpit and scalp areas;
bullet   Have player drink water or electrolyte solution;
bullet   Fan player to help evaporate sweat

IF PARENTS ARE ON HAND, they may also remove players shirt and apply cold packs to the groin area.


Heat Stroke

When a body completely loses the ability to cool itself, the internal temperature continues to rise resulting in heat stroke. If a player's temperature rises too quickly, brain damage and/or death may result. Players suffering from heat stroke may have hot, dry skin, those with fair complexions may appear red, while darker skinned people may appear gray. Victims may also experience a very rapid pulse and extremely high body temperature. In some cases, victims of heat stroke may seem confused, unresponsive or even suffer from seizures, Recovery from heat stroke depends on the amount of time it takes to return the body temperature to normal, so IMMEDIATE medical attention is imperative.

If you suspect heat stroke, CALL 911 IMMEDIATELY and follow recommended treatment for heat exhaustion BUT DO NOT attempt to give any liquids.

How to deal with irrational or irate parents:

bulletWhen approached by an irate parent, always schedule a meeting for the following day.
bulletIf possible, do not discuss a parents concern in public.
bulletResearch & observe.
bulletDocument facts and details
bulletGet backup
bulletListen. Allow parents to vent.
bulletDon't provide more information than necessary.
bulletStay on track.
bulletStay positive.
bulletThank the parent for meeting with you.
bulletReview the situation and remember why we are here - It's for the kids!
bulletIf necessary, contact our RCA.


You don't have to lose a tooth when if it gets knocked out....

Lightly rinse tooth off DO NOT SCRUB IT and drop in a cup of milk, If not available, you can have player (depending on age) suck on it. This will keep the tooth alive until a dentist can replant it.



Last Updated: 04/14/2010